Sunday, 8 September 2013

TET – Paper 1 ( Expected Cut Off)

                In Paper 1 Postings there is no weightage system shoud be followed. Only the qualification for posting is to get 90 marks and above.

                Till There is no final judjement by the court for the appointment of secondary grade teachers in our state. So the all passing candidates may attend the C.V and they get a rank on the basis of their employment seniority.
                By following the caste wise vacancies the high rank candidates may get priority in appointment ( It also including the priority like widow, Ex-servicemen, Sportsman etc). And also we are expected 75% passed candidates should be female candidates.
                We are not calculating the expecting year of seniority because the previous tet appointment candidates seniority years were not published by our govt.

                We may expect 3,000 to 5,000 candidates will get job. Others will get only their qualification certificate which is valid upto 7 years. They can use this certificate for further certificate verification. Otherwise again they may attend the TET and improve their scoring to get high weightage marks. (It can be useful whether the court may give judgement against the state wise seniority).

                This article is prepared on the basis of the opinions and ideas of nearly 300 passed candidates. This is only an expecting survey according to various points. Not the final one.

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